Theprintpeople are committed to reducing our effect on the environment:

In order to work towards this commitment, we will:
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Meet all the regulatory and consent requirements relevant to our business.
Conserve natural resources used in our manufacturing and service operations, particularly in the use and development of packaging.
Improve the efficient use of energy throughout the organisation.
Create less waste through the adoption of waste reduction and recycling.
Provide safe, hygienic and attractive working environments having regard to the nature of the activities undertaken.
Work with suppliers, contractors and customers to increase their awareness of environmental issues and minimise the impacts of their products and services on the environment.
Work with our suppliers to identify and eliminate any paper that contains wood fibre from the following sources: Illegally harvested wood; genetically modified wood; wood originating in forests with serious social conflicts; wood originating from uncertified High Conservation Value Forests.
This will be achieved by raising employee awareness, and incorporating environmental issues into the day-to-day running of our business, and continual reviewing of environmental objectives and targets.
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